Don’t read the sample code. Tinker with it!

A jazz musician looking to understand how chords relate to one another. You just play the chords over and over again alone in the studio. It’s the same here. Android

Reading sample code is not enough to understand how it works. To develop a true understanding, you need to actually run the code and tinker with it. With the additions of comments and instructions, sample code is packaged to be by the reader; but in reality, it’s pretty difficult to replicate from scratch. Reading is not the same as understanding, and actually trying to write the code yourself, or at least running it, will facilitate the learning process much more. No read. Just do. If not knowing what to do, follow the 22 cases in this book. All in all, despite these 5 tips, the most important ingredient to learn programming faster is to remain confident. Becoming an expert at anything requires hard work and time. If a single doubt ever clouds your mind, remember that every programmer this path before – none of them more destined to become a developer than you.