Code by hand. It sharpens proficiency

In modern society, chat replaces meeting, AI looks better than training, time flies, we copy/paste. While, coding-by-hand still remains the most effective methods to learn how to program. After you key in every line of the code, you will catch the meaning. Typing in the computer requires further caution, precision, and intent behind every line of code.

Our cases are provided through github for downloading. But we don’t suggest you just download it and run. A better practice should be read the book, code-by-hand, and compare the code with what we provided. If hitting a rock, a case handy will be helpful. Compare the case in the book with what you did, you will know how to move around the rock easily. Learn by yourself, a case-by-case book is a must. Following the steps in each case, key in the code, then spend hours to debug and run it. At beginning you will find grammar problem, reserved word problem. Anything only through typing in to computer by your hand could we notice it. Soon, the problems only come from Android itself. By then, you could start Android App job-hunting or your own exploration to the new world.