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Hyperion Architecture & Installation

We will show you how to install a complete Hyperion System in your own personal computer, either a Mac or a Windows PC. We will cover OS, Database, Virtual Box, and Hyperion. After installation, we will be able to carry a Hyperion server anywhere for any legal purpose. Good news is: all the software we are using is free for learning purpose. Hyperion

So, open the book, install them, and enjoy Hyperion!

—- Free Software —- Step-by-step instruction —- Screenshot almost everything —- Free email support

FDMEE Basics

The first part constructs the FDMEE environment (HFM, Planning). The second part walks through two routine FDMEE works. One is for importing CSV file, another is migrating the data between two Planning applications. CSV example gives you a full life cycle of FDMEE job. Migrating example is treated as challenge in many consulting firms. Hyperion

Going through all these concepts and examples, we will learn: FDMEE concepts, FDMEE structure, FDMEE environment, FDMEE concerns, and more important, FDMEE thinking.

FDMEE Design

Three Oracle Hyperion FDMEE Real Projects, Business Consideration and Compromise, Full Life Cycle. Hyperion

Following HWG’s acquisition of XM System, discussions took place to assess possible efficiencies & synergies between the two groups.

Since both HWG and XM were using Hyperion EPM products for Consolidation, Reporting, Budgeting and Planning, a gap analysis was performed to assess the usage of each platform with the goal of alignment across the organizations.

HWG wants to maintain one single source of truth of the actuals across the organization. For that integrating XM at the source will limit additional cross-systems data input and therefore prevent potential data integrity issues while ultimately bringing significant time-savings to the user.

Furthermore, limiting the usage of one single application rather than two parallel versions of FDM and HFM would bring cost efficiencies.

XM is running the business at another continent. The communication to them is not easy given different cultural and time zone.

Another challenge is that no original design document could be found. We need figure out the business logic with the help of HWG staff.

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